6 Equipment For Comfortable When Driving

Comfort is certainly a basic thing that must be fulfilled by vehicle passengers, especially when traveling long distances. You certainly do not want to the stiff body and feel uneasy when lingering in a vehicle. This is as important as gel cushion for wheelchair for wheelchair users.

For this reason, various methods are used to meet these demands. One way is to add a variety of accessories. Starting from the neck pillow, headrest pillow, lumbar support, shoulder pad, glasses to massage seats.

Neck Pillow
This pillow that surrounds the neck serves to keep the neck from being tired and stiff. It usually contains dacron ingredients or when silicone and coated with a smooth and comfortable material. Available in a variety of unique shapes with sizes S, M and L.

Headrest Pillows
It has the same function as a neck pillow but is placed in the headrest of a car. However, there is something to be aware of, these accessories are often present in these family cars. It is recommended not to be installed in the driver’s seat.

Lumbar Support
The pillow that is used when in a sitting position is useful to support the lower back while helping to provide support for the curve of the spine. With pillow support in the lumbar region can fill the natural vacuum created between the lower backbone and the chair. So it does not make the back and waist feel stiff and achy.

Shoulder pad
Function as a cushion for the shoulder or chest area that comes in contact with the seat belt. Available in various motifs and brands. Made of soft material that makes it equal to be used.

Not just to support appearance, wearing glasses also reduces glare when driving during the day. At the same time reducing exposure to ultraviolet light which can cause damage in the area around the eyes.

Upholstery Massage
As the name implies, this tool has a function to provide massages in the area around the waist, back and neck. Which aims to eliminate fatigue when you have to sit for long in the car. In addition to additional products or aftermarket, some car manufacturers also make features on their products.

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