Secrets Of Learning English Reading This Makes You Proficient Without A Hassle

Reading is one of the basic skills in English. In some English language exams, reading becomes an important point. Especially for you who will take the b1 test booking, don’t forget to prepare yourself and your abilities. Here are tips for learning English, especially for beginners additional reading.

1. Think that learning to read English is easy.

Positive Thinking to start learning to read in English. Yes, this helps you to accelerate because you are motivated. Fatigue will not be felt if you have positive thoughts. When thinking of proficient reading is challenging and fun, the winding journey of learning feels like a gift. Do not believe? Just prove it.

2. Choose the right reading and according to ability.

In addition to positive thinking (motivation), you also need a Strategic Plan. Like what is the strategic plan? Before learning to read in English, plan the books to be read. Now, choose the right book and according to your ability. Then, how do I choose the right book to learn to read? The tips: first read at a glance. Read the title, subpoint or first page quickly.

3. Choose a place & set a specific time for learning to read English, where you focus and will not be disturbed by anything & anyone.

Make a schedule of reading English texts then determine where you will do it. Avoid noisy places, making you concentrate less because of a lot of distraction. A comfortable place and away from rowdy noises will help maintain your concentration so that it is more focused when learning to read. You can also play the music that is suitable for reading. Don’t forget to put the things you need (for example books & pens) if needed.

4. Try skimming techniques before and after learning English Reading. You will understand what the reading is fast.

Ever heard of these 2 reading techniques: skimming & scanning? Both of these techniques have in common which is to read quickly. It’s just that their goals are different. Skimming is done to understand the overall meaning while Scanning to find specific information such as name, date, place, etc.

5. Ask yourself questions. You can do it while reading or after reading. See how understanding you are.

The final secret is to ask yourself questions. What kind of question is that? If confused, use 5W1H: What, Why, Who, Where, When, & How. This question is very useful to help you understand more about the contents of the text/reading.

You can also create a Mindmap with the 5W1H question guide. So, no need to write complete questions. Simply write the question word along with the information that can be collected to answer the question word. This method can be done after finishing reading English text or books.

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