There Are Times When High-Level Ventilations Are Needed

Ventilation is not very important when the house is not occupied, although some houses require ongoing mechanical ventilation to control humidity and its potential to damage the house (for example reducing the formation of condensation on windows in winter, which can cause damage to window frames, trims and walls). Meanwhile, before we continue, you can call the best company of hvac Columbia SC if you need a professional to improve the quality of your ventilation system.

To help control the amount of ventilation needed and prevent excess ventilation, which wastes energy and tends to dry the house, simple to sophisticated controls, from timers to controllers that can be programmed electronically, are available. Make sure to consult with the expert before installing ventilation in your home.

However, there are times when a high level of ventilation is needed such as:

– First fall and winter for new or substantially renovated homes, to eliminate construction-related humidity.

– Houses with a high number of residents, both temporary and permanent – Houses where renovation activities (drywalling, painting, floor refinishing, etc.) or new furniture creates a high concentration of pollutants.

– Houses where residents have respiratory problems. People who are allergic to outside pollutants need a supply of filtered outside air.