Pregnant Women Can Do These Tips To Drive Their Cars Safely

Mothers who are pregnant do need extra attention, especially when traveling both by public transportation and private vehicles. However, what about pregnant women who drive themselves. Experts believe that pregnant women can continue their activities as usual, including driving a car. It’s just that there are some tips that need to be considered pregnant women who still want to drive a car. On the other hand, if you need to rent a high-class car for a luxurious party, we recommend you to rent a car from the best company of luxury car hire London.

Here are 5 tips for driving a car for pregnant women:

1. Pregnant women are allowed to drive a car, but there are conditions that must be followed

Driving for pregnant women is no prohibition. Only the driving position or sitting position is more regulated.

2. The sitting position must be 90-100 degrees

He explained the sitting position when driving is very important. Because, if it is not considered it will cause interference with the mother and fetus being conceived.

Usually, it should be more upright because the position is not allowed to be very gentle, it should not be too bent too, which is 90 to 100 degrees good position because the fetal position should be more relaxed as well.

3. The distance between the steering wheel and the chest is at least 25 centimeters

The comfortable sitting position must also pay attention to the position of the mother’s abdomen with the distance of the steering wheel, so the mother and the baby in her womb can stay safe even if an accident occurs.

4. Use a seat belt under the stomach

In addition, there is no problem for pregnant women to use a seat belt or safety belt when driving.

The safety belt has been designed to be really flexible, keep wearing the safety belt and positioned below the stomach.

5. Try to drive no more than 2 hours

Although it is permissible to drive a car, women who are pregnant must also limit the time of driving. Due to most car cabins are designed not specifically for women who are pregnant with a high level of comfort.