These Numbers Are Crucial To Prevent Online Frauds

If you are buying and selling online, then a shipping receipt is a must for you to ask for. By holding the delivery receipt number, you can check the progress of the shipment of goods if it feels that the goods are not up to date or something strange happens. Normally the seller does not want to provide a receipt number for the shipment of goods for a variety of reasons, you should suspect something is wrong. Additionally, if you think that you have become a victim of online fraud, we recommend you to hire some of the best private investigators near your location.

After the transaction, try to ask for a number of accounts belonging to the seller. Try to type the account number in Google, and find out if there are complaints or reports of fraud against the account number. If so, cancel your transaction so that you do not become a victim of online shopping fraud.

If you need special products that you have never bought online before, try to ask for recommendations from friends or relatives who often transact online. From his experience, you will be directed to a trusted online store that he knows.