Maintain Normal Testosterone Hormone Levels

There are some men or women who have testosterone levels above the normal rate. Like two sides of a coin, this condition can bring positive and negative impacts. Positive, high levels of the hormone testosterone can normalize blood pressure and reduce the tendency of men to experience obesity and heart attacks. If you have less testosterone, you can use

While the negative side, several studies show a link between high levels of the hormone testosterone and the tendency of men to deviant behavior, such as excessive sexual behavior encouraging a risk of crime. However, a more in-depth research is needed to prove this. High testosterone levels also make men less likely to consume alcohol and smoke and increase the risk of injury due to impulsive behavior.

In women, excess testosterone can affect physical appearance, such as excess hair on the body, pimples, baldness that usually occurs in men, enlarged clitoris, breast size shrinks, increased muscle mass, sounds become heavier like men, irregular menstrual cycles, and mood swings.

When you are 35 years old or more, you need to monitor your testosterone every 5 years. If it is known that you have too little hormone levels or are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone levels, your doctor may recommend hormone therapy.

Your doctor will watch your hormone level carefully so it won’t be to high. Keep in mind that this therapy may not necessarily be loved by all men. A man who is suspected or known to have prostate or breast cancer, kidney, liver, or heart disease, is advised not to do this therapy because it can increase the risk of complications of the disease.

Whereas in women, treatment for testosterone remains normal depends on the cause. Both men and women, it is strongly recommended to adopt healthy eating habits and habits, avoid consuming excessive alcoholic beverages, and get used to positive thinking and managing stress. If you experience the symptoms described above, consult a doctor immediately to get the right treatment.