The Best Way To Reduce Complaints Caused By Eczema

Eczema is a health condition where the skin has an inflammatory reaction that caused rashes, itching, and thickening in a certain area of the body. For the mild condition, it can generally be treated simply by keeping the skin moist and avoiding the originator. While for more severe conditions, how to cure eczema is may be necessary to use drugs from a dermatologist, such as an allergy or antihistamine drugs such as cetirizine, chlorpheniramine maleate, or diphenhydramine. This drug can cause drowsiness, so you are advised to rest after taking this medicine. Sedative effects caused by antihistamine drugs help prevent scratching during sleep.

Anti-itch and anti-inflammatory creams in areas affected by dry eczema, their use is recommended before using a moisturizer, so as not to reduce its effectiveness. Antibiotics, if a secondary infection is found accompanying this condition. With proper treatment, complaints of eczema can be handled. But it needs to be understood, although generally, complaints will decrease in adulthood, this condition cannot be completely cured. So that maintaining a clean and healthy lifestyle, good skincare, and far from stress, will greatly help prevent a recurrence.

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