This Is The Effect Of An Extremely Cold Temperature On The Human Heart

Do you remember a film about someone who was stranded in Antarctica? The film “Arctic”, starring Mads Mikkelsen, tells the story of someone who struggles to stay alive facing various conditions on the ice continent one of the biggest challenges is extremely cold weather. In fact, when you are in extreme cold, there are many changes that occur in the body, including the work of the heart. Then, what are the effects of these cold temperatures on the body and heart? In general, extremely cold weather causes the body to experience hypothermia. Hypothermia is a condition in which body temperature decreases due to loss of the body’s ability to balance the temperature inside. Therefore, if you want to make sure that you will not suffer from hypothermia in your own house, we recommend you to click here and find out more about the best gas furnace that you can buy.

Hypothermia symptoms that are easily recognized such as:

Tend to be sleepy.
Difficult body movements that require balance, such as buttoning a shirt or opening gloves.
Confused and difficult to concentrate.
The tips of the fingers will feel painful.
Joints stiff and painful so that it is increasingly difficult to move.
Experiencing frostbite, which is a sensation of fingers like being pricked by a small needle until it finally numbs or becomes numb to touch.

Effect of cold temperatures on the heart

To maintain body temperature, the heart will pump more blood so that the heartbeat will be faster and blood pressure will increase.

People who have had heart problems before should be wary of extreme weather like this. Because the influence of cold temperatures is quite bad on the heart. The heart works harder and the blood vessels become smaller, reducing blood flow to the heart muscle.

In fact, the blood that goes to the heart muscle is full of oxygen and nutrients for muscle cells. Well, if the flow is blocked then the muscle cells are not able to function properly.

In people who have narrowed heart arteries, the influence of cold temperatures can cause heart attacks. Well, this can happen in winter in European countries, imagine if the weather becomes extreme cold as in Antarctica in the film “arctic”.

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