You Must Know This Before You Learn To Make Contemporary Arts

What exactly is meant by contemporary art? Literally or language, the contemporary meaning is present. The present is arguably the present or the present, so contemporary art is the art of the present. So artists who like to make art pieces that emphasize the present culture are called contemporary artists. Contemporary art is the development of art that is affected by the impact of modernization. Before the era of contemporary art, there was the era of modern art and the era of traditional art.

In the era of contemporary art, artists are not fixated on the media like traditional art. Contemporary art can also be considered as an art that is not related to the rules or ancient rules. Artists with educational backgrounds in the painting can make sculptures, installation art, music, performance or performing art, photography or even video or video art. The art world has broken down boundaries.

Contemporary art has heavier social demands than the era of traditional art where artworks are focused on aesthetics or beauty. Artists in the era of contemporary art are considered to have social responsibility so artists are required to create works that have a positive impact on society. So that contemporary artwork tends to be moral.

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